HandMaid Gems

Elegant Pieces Designed for You…

Custom Hand Crafted Jewelry

From everyday wear to your special days, get custom pieces uniquely designed and personal for you. Request a made-to-order creation or select a ready-made design from our SHOP. Solid, quality handiwork guaranteed every time.


Restore broken jewelry pieces or redeem old clothes. Michelle can turn your old favorites into new ones and even create a look you love from a piece you never liked. With her incredible talent for design, sewing, and fashion, any piece of jewelry or clothing can become a Handmaid Gem.

Custom Wedding Pieces

Get a custom piece as special and personal as you and your day.

Shop and Customize Ready-made Pieces

Shop the current designs and one will be created just for you. 

Use the designs as inspiration for something new. 

Or start brand new. The gem determines the design. Show me your favorite stone and I will design the perfect piece that accentuates it best.

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